Who we are

OPJ accompanies individuals with a personalized and individualized approach so that they can develop their potential in order to realize their professional project.


Values that guide us

Principles, work methods and responsibilities within the organization are based on values. These values are linked to the organizational culture and helps guides us towards every opportunity.

Opération placement jeunesse (OPJ) : Our values

Dreams and Hope

With every step you take, you’ll see, nothing can be too far away

Marie-Jo Therio

OPJ wants to spark and sustain the dream, allowing the individual and the organization to reconnect, giving oneself the right to dream even if it’s crazy. OPJ advocates the hope that dreams come true, one step at a time.



Freedom is not the absence of a commitment, but the capacity to choose

Paul Coelho

Commitment requires personal involvement in carrying out one’s responsibilities within one’s role; respecting the mission, philosophy, values and vision of the organization.


Respect for yourself and others, inclusion and tolerance

Self-respect makes it possible to have respect for others

Jose Garcia

OPJ values the importance of the human aspect and developing the potential of each person, in an inclusive and equitable way. It is a question of treating the other with consideration and not infringing on their integrity or dignity, with openness to their differences and taking into account their history, their beliefs and their dreams.


Mutual assistance

If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk with others

Proverb of unknown origin

Mutual assistance is a value-added of working together, teamwork, cooperation and sharing of happiness, but also difficulties. OPJ offers the ability to be part of a process of mutual aid rather than being competitive.


Surpassing oneself

I want to be all that i can be

Katherine Mansfield

Surpassing oneself is a good method of improvement and progress, involving the ability of challenging oneself with humility, openness, goodwill and consent to continuing education and also to overcome your own limitations. OPJ promotes continuous improvement efforts and encourages everyone to complete their efforts according to their goals, aspirations and dreams.

Approach and Philosophy

OPJ has developed an approach that is part of the value-added philosophy of the organization.

VIP Service: Towards Professional Integration

Our VIP service is offered on a voluntary basis and is accessible, free of charge. The key to success is the privileged relationship between the counselor and the accompanied individual, and is based on strong and existing values. By taking into consideration the individual’s dreams and aspirations, we team up to provide them with a professional project that makes sense and that will allow them to strive towards their full potential.

VIP service from OPJ is much more than professional know-how: it is the expression of our philosophical and ethical method of intervention. Requirements related to such a philosophy are high, because success relates to the quality of the relationship between the counselor and the individual.

Team Members at OPJ

Marie-Lou Galarneau, Directrice générale, Opération placement jeunesse (OPJ)

Marie-Lou Galarneau

General Manager
Christian Lepage, Coordonnateur, Opération placement jeunesse (OPJ)

Christian Lepage

We are always looking for new talents.
Nadia Nyarko-Badohu, Conseillère en emploi OPJ

Nadia Nyarko-Badohu

Employment counselor

Board of Directors

Charlotte Grenier


Maude Longtin


Katia Poulin


Julie Lafrance


Camille Laberge